List of Confederate Survivors of the Elmira Prison Camp - in progress

A, J.B. 35th Georgia - released
A ?? 35th Georgia - exchanged
A, ?.D. 5th Florida, Spotsylvania - released
A, Samuel 23rd South Carolina B Company - released
A, W.S. 17th North Carolina Spottsylvania - paroled
A ?? 26th Georgia, Spottsylvania - released
A, ?? 38th Georgia K Company, Mine Run - released
A, ?? 4th North Carolina C Company, Spottsylvania - released
A,?? 22nd North Carolina L Company - paroled
A, ?? 3rd North Carolina A Company, Spottsylvania - paroled
A. S., 22nd Virginia, Wilderness - paroled
A.??, 3rd North Carolina A Company, Spottsylvania - released
A., James 13th Tennessee, Martinsburg - released
A., James 23rd Virginia, Leesburg - released
A. W.H. 3rd North Carolina G Company, Spottsylvania - released
Acord, James F. - released
Adams, C.
Adams, O. 15th Cavalry Virginia - paroled
Adams, W.J. Georgia - paroled
Adams, Charles 32nd North Carolina - released
Addison, Walter D.
Alderman, D.H. 61st Georgia, Wilderness - paroled
Aldrich, G.D. - released
Alexander, T.K. Virginia - paroled
Alfred, ?? 5th Virginia Cavalry - released
Allen, Alpha...
Allen, B. - released
Allen, Charles W. - released
Allen, J.W. 13th Georgia D Company, Spottsylvania - exchanged
Alexander, John Williamson - G Company 5th South Carolina - released
Anderson, John C. Captain Poe's Company
Anderson, Thomas Hood's Battalion B - released
Anderson, ?D. ??Battery - released
Anderson, J.S. 33rd North Carolina C Company, Wilderness - released
Anderson, F.W. 23rd Tennessee Company H - paroled
Andrews, George W. - paroled
Andrews, ?? - paroled
Andrews J.G. 25th North Carolina, Petersburgh - paroled
Andrews, James - exchanged
Andrews, T.W. 12th North Carolina Company B, Spottsylvania - paroled
Andrews, J.W. 12th North Carolina Company B, Spottsylvania - paroled
Andrews, B.F. 44th Virginia Company D - released
Archer, Robert - paroled
Armstrong, W.H. 15th Alabama, Spottsylvania - paroled
Armstrong, J. 6th Alabama Company B, Spottsylvania - released
Armstrong, W. 18th South Carolina?, Petersburg - paroled
Armstrong, J.J. 15th Alabama, Spottsylvania - paroled
Arnold, J. 23rd Tennessee Company H - released
Arnold, J.W. 5th North Carolina Company D - released
Arnold, James 50th Virginia - released
Asberry, W.H. 28th North Carolina Company G, Wilderness - released
Ask, G.C. Florida - released
Atkins, William N.
Austin, Thomas Jefferson - Alabama - released
Baggett, James Thomas - oath
Bailey, David - Soth Carolina - oath
Bailey, William D. Virginia Infantry - released
Barrett, William 49th North Carolina Company D
Bass, Andrew Union County North Carolina - exchange
Bass, Elisha North Carolina - ?
Baxley, Henry L. North Carolina - oath
Baxley, William H.R. North Carolina - oath
Benson, Berry - escaped
Black, Andrew - Virginia - ?
Booth, William - Louisiana - escaped on route to Elmira
Bostick, T.T.
Bower, M.
1? Artillery
Bowman, Jacob - Virginia - exchanged
Bradshaw, Alexander K - Virginia - transferred
Breedlove, Willis M. - North Carolina - released
Brett, J.W. Godwin's Campbellton Cavalry
Brookman, G. - Virginia - released
Bush, Allen Henry Norwood's Home Guards Florida

Bush, Albert Norwood's Home Guards Florida
Butler, John 10th Virginia Company A
Carey, James E. 46th Virginia
Cary, G.W.
Chance, Alford Nathan Georgia Company E
Chileuth, Ja. A. 44th ?
Chilton, James S.
Clayton, William
Col..., John
14 Confederate States of America
Coleton, Edward
Courtwright, James B.
21st Alabama Company A
Cunningham, Thomas M.
Curl, Cullin Godwin's Campbellton Cavalry - released
Curlee, Churchwell North Carolin Union County - exchange
Davis, T.C. 40th North Carolina
Davis, Ellis F. Norwood's Home Guards Florida - paroled
Dir..., John M. 20th Tennessee Company C
E---, J.
6th Virginia Company I
Elken, William F
Es.., A.
44th Tennessee Company E
Everett, Miles Norwood's Home Guards Florida - released
Ford, David Daly
Griffin, James F. Union County North Carolina - released
Grise or Greise, Hansel or Amstead Godwin's Campbellton Cavalry - released
Hale, Rufus 4th Virginia Infantry
Harmon, Rueben
Harrison, Samuel Norwood's Home Guards Florida - oath
Haywood, T.B. Godwin's Cambellton Cavalry - Presidential pardon
Helms, Tobias Union County North Carolina - exchange
Hentz, Thaddeus Gamble's Light Artillery Florida - released
Howard, James Marion
Huffman, D. 22nd Virginia - oath
Huffman, James
Jackson, Hickory
James, Reuben Union County North Carolina - oath
Jones, Burrell Thomas Company A, 10th Georgia Infantry - oath
Justus, J.B. Florida - exchange
Kean, William L. South Carolina - exchanged
Keiley, Anthony
Keyser, Marshall D. 81st VA Militia - exchanged
Kilgore, Alberry 24th Reg GA Co F - oath
Kimrey, Manlove David Co I 52nd Infantry NC - exchange
Kirk, James Benton Co D, 44th TN - released
Kyle, Pleasant H. 13 MS Co. A Winston Guards - exchange
Lamb, Thomas NC - released
Lee, James H. 5th VA Co M - released
Leon, Louis - released at end of war
Lewis, William Lee Co E 17th VA - released
Long, Andrew Davidson - 5th VA Infantry Co A - released
Mabe, Jesse Co H 58th Inf VA - released
Mabe, William Co I 50th VA - oath
Malone, Cecrops
Manning, Louis E. Co I 50th VA - oath
Martin, William G. Co D 51st VA Inf - released
McBright, Israel Norwood's Home Guards Florida - oath
McCampbell, Samuel John Nelson 5th VA Co B - oath
McDonald, Peter 25h VA- oath
McDuff, Henry Co. D, 16th GA -oath
McKeown, Samuel Scott - unknown where buried
Merritt, Alexander Florida - released
Metzger, William Washington Co B 21st Batt GA - paroled
Miller, Wilson C. LA Signal Corps- exchange
Monteiro, Walter 5th VA Co H - paroled
Mooring, Edwin Florida - released
Myrick, J.F. Sr. Florida - oath
Myrick, J.F. Jr. Florida
Neel, Andrew J.Co F 51st Va Inf - released
Opie, John Newton 5th Va Inf Co L - exchanged
Osbourne, W.L. 5th Va Inf Co H - exchanged
Owens, James B.5th Va Inf Co B - exchanged
Owens, Daniel NC - paroled
Parker, C.H. Chisolm's Company -
Perry, G.W.
Pittman, Frederick R. 11th Florida Infantry - released
Pittman, H.R. Chisolm's Company - released
Purifoy, John
Roulhac, James B.
Rowland, William E. Union County North Carolina - oath
Stamp, James B.
Strawn, William W. Union County North Carolina - oath
Taylor, G.T. 1st Alabama Battalion
Templin, William H.
Toney, Marcus
Traweek, Wash B.

Trout, Leland Co A. Tennessee Heavy Artillery
Trull, Calvin
Union County North Carolina - oath
Waddill, J.M
Webb, Samuel Union County North Carolina - oath

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